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Somatic Reintegration

Somatic Reintegration is a gentle form of bodywork that has evolved into a unique, complete system of natural healing based on non-force handling of the body's tension. This safe, natural method ranges from gentle bodywork to esoteric energy techniques.

The benefits of somatic reintegration are achieved through the body's own self-corrective reflexes. As the reflexes are monitored by Dr. Back, old memory patterns in the body receive new information and are replaced by healthy patterns.

When you receive an somatic reintegration treatment, you lie on the table fully-clothed while Dr. Back assesses your alignment through the way you place yourself on the table. Somatic reintegration's philosophy is similar to the laws of homeopathy - "like cures like." "Exaggerating the symptoms" elicits the body's innate reflexes, allowing holding patterns to complete thus allowing release.

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