More and more Americans are removing gluten from their diets. Why? Gluten is very difficult to digest and often leads to leaky gut. Due to the modification of wheat, there is significantly more gluten in wheat than 60 years ago. The increased amount of gluten has led to more gastrointestinal issues than there ever used to be. In addition to the higher amount of gluten in wheat, at the end of wheat growth, the crop is doused with glyphosate to increase the final fruition before harvesting. The glyphosate could also be a part of the reason people are having increased GI issues. 

Even though there are many GI and systemic issues without gluten as the source, gluten is one of the many possible causes.  Sometimes it is as simple as removing gluten from your diet to help you feel better. The following is a chart of gluten free and gluten containing foods.  

Try utilizing a gluten free diet and see how you feel. It may be the answer you are looking for, and it may have no effect on your current health situation. This is just one idea of many to help you with your health. If you need more help than a gluten free diet to move you to a healthier you, please consider setting up an appointment with us. We can work through your individual needs to help you obtain optimal wellness.  Call 970-963-6500.