Spring forward – time to emerge from hibernation!

People are interesting creatures. While we have the intelligence to do amazing things and many people do incredible tasks every day, we are also very basic in our routines and animal like in our behaviors. When the cold days and long nights of winter are here, we often hibernate like bears. We cozy up our homes, stock up on firewood, pack the pantry with warm winter foods, add a few heavy blankets to the bed and brace ourselves to survive the winter months.

Winter often causes people to gain weight, we get musty from all that sitting around binging on Netflix and for many motivation drops to new lows.

But the great news is that as we move into April, spring is right around the corner!

I don’t know about you, but I love spring!

The smell of first cut spring grass, the promise of warmer days ahead and longer evenings, spring skiing and healthy picnics. It makes me want jump out of bed, open the windows and breathe in that fresh spring air.

Spring is the time when we, just like the bears, emerge from our hibernation, we look forward to new beginnings and opportunities, the birds and bees are busy making their nests and new growth is abundantly clear everywhere you look.

Why am I, your ND, LAc, talking about spring? Because it is time for all of us to emerge from our dens, clean out our winter supplies, shed those extra pounds and embrace life and all it has to offer this spring.

My patient, Lisa shared her spring routine and I thought it was a great idea. On the first day of spring every year, Lisa takes a picture of herself and compares it to a picture she took back in fall, she weighs herself, and makes a list of goals, all the changes she wants to make for her health and jobs to do around the house in March to get ready for a great energy filled spring and summer. She says, her spring makeover motivates her to want to achieve more and do more every year. She says she prefers setting goals in spring than on January 1 because she feels there is more of a chance she’ll do everything with the promise of summer ahead.

Here’s the five things I suggest you consider “cleaning or refreshing” as spring starts this year on March 20.

  1. Pantry – throw away the winter comfort food and replace it with healthy options
  2. Wardrobe (depending on your climate) – go buy some bright fresh colorful spring clothes that will put a smile on your face
  3. Routine – jump out of bed and get your workout in. You will be so pleased with yourself that you got your workout done first thing and can now move on with the rest of your day knowing you have already accomplished something important.
  4. De-clutter your home!
  5. YOU! Do the Back to Balance’s Detox & Cleanse Program to flush your system and boost your energy. You will be amazed how great you will feel! Check out what the program entails here.

If you need help to make the detox happen or see if it is right for you, set up a FREE 15-minute discovery session. If the times offered do not work with your schedule, call us and we will find a time to chat.