After the winter, my family and I start spending more time outside, wearing less protective clothing and consequently getting more scraped knees, sunburns, bug bites and Gah! Is that a tick?!

When you want to be prepared to enjoy the outdoors and move on from the skinned knees and bug bites, check your first aid kit, to make sure that you have these items on hand. 

  • Natural Bug repellent
  • Zinc Oxide based sunscreen
  • Tick twister (safe tick remover) and the tick report or tick check website ready to get the tick tested
  • All-purpose salve, like Wild Weed by Wise Woman
  • Arnica montana 30C – 1M for bumps and bruises (970) 963-6500 to order
  • Bandages
  • Pain relievers such as Curcum-Evail, Inflavonoid Intensive Care, Inflammatone and SPM Supreme.
  • Digestive tea/Tummy Tamers
  • After bite 
  • After burn lotion

And remember to cover up with broad brimmed hats and lightweight layers as much as you can while you enjoy your time outside! Stay hydrated, and get some time in nature.