Spring Clean Your Energy

Winter is coming to a close, and I imagine many of you are ready for the beauty and growth of Spring.  If you are anything like me, you are probably over the cold weather and dark days and are ready for the warmth and light.

It is time for a fresh start. You are ready to find that clarity and focus of mind, that ease and order to life’s daily tasks. Now may be just the perfect time for that. Spring is here, and you know what that means? Spring cleaning!

Now, I know that spring cleaning isn’t for everyone, but what if we look at spring cleaning from a different angle this year? Let’s spring clean for our energy.

Let’s clean away all the negativity from the last year, and reset for a fresh start with some easy tasks to help boost your energy.

  1. Give your inside space a fresh clean.
    With all of us spending so much time inside our homes for the winter, it’s probably pretty musty in there! And if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably accumulated a bunch of random “stuff” that is just taking up space. This is a great opportunity to take some time to give your home a good once-over. Walk your house with a trash bag and throw out any garbage, and add any recyclables to your recycle bin. Find a box and add anything superfluous (or anything you no longer need or use) to that box to donate to your local thrift store or Buy Nothing group. If you take control of your interior space (where you are spending so much of your time) you will decrease some of the overwhelm in your mind, and have energy to focus on other things!
  2. Spring clean your virtual space.
    Many of us receive so much junk email, we have no idea what we have subscribed to anymore. You probably also have an overflowing list of contacts, many of whom you are not even remotely connected to anymore. Take an hour to go through your contact list and remove excess contacts. You can also take that time to go through your inbox and unsubscribe to excess newsletters and promotional emails. Then, in future, as you get promotional emails that you know you never read anyway, take 30 seconds to scroll to the bottom of the email and click “unsubscribe.” Easy as that!
  3. Get out in nature.
    Not only is getting outside good for mental health support, and the obvious benefits of fresh air and increased oxygenation, but getting out in nature can also help boost your energy!  Fresh air is cleansing for the mind, and exposure to the sun gives your body the much needed Vitamin D to boost your energy levels naturally.  So try to spend some time outside every day to get that fresh air and Vitamin D for a natural energy boost!
  4. Reset your healthy routine.
    Every season, every month, even every day is another chance to re-set. With spring here, it is no different! Take a few minutes to decide on what a healthy routine means to you, and how you can best achieve it. Write it down, somewhere you will see it, so you can remember that you ARE worth putting those healthy routines in place.

If you take just one day to focus on these four steps, you will find that this spring cleaning can give you more control over your environment and help you find that spring energy to carry you forward through the year!