Do you suffer from chronic sinus infections, hayfever or allergies? Many people have chronic infections behind the nose that can be irritating, causing a runny nose, pressure in your face/head, sneezing and basically being uncomfortable and irritating.  When you have a low-grade infection, there is a tendency to use up the body’s natural cortisone.  This may result in an increased susceptibility to many kinds of infections.

The use of the nasal lavage program is to reduce the chronic infection so the body can heal itself.  Frequently antibiotics are not able to resolve these infections but the long-term use of the nasal rinse may prove extremely beneficial.  Nasal flushes can also be helpful for acute infections and allergies as they rinse the sinuses and remove irritants. 

It is very important to follow all the instructions very carefully.  Continue the routine until all symptoms resolve.  This may take 3 to 6 months for chronic issues.  BE PATIENT.

Pain or bleeding after rinsing may mean that an infection is still present and so it is important to continue with the program.  Be persistent as it takes a lot of effort to rid your body of these chronic bacteria, which may be producing the low-grade infection. Be gentle with the rinse as you do not want to irritate your ears or cause too much pressure in your sinuses.

One of my patients, Ann, had such dramatic changes from regular nasal rinsing.  Ann had been suffering from chronic sinus infections that she had tried so many over the counter and antibiotic solutions; none which made lasting changes.  Once Ann started using the nasal rinse on a daily basis for several weeks and into months, her sinus infection cleared up and she currently keeps them away with maintenance rinsing.  It has changed her life!

I personally love the NasoPure Nasal Wash as it is easy to use. Their buffered salt packets combine sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate which together are very effective at removing irritants, yet avoiding burning or irritation felt with other salt mixes.  You can find the NasoPure bottles and packets at our clinic, at other stores and online.  You can also make your own mixture and put it into a neti pot.  

  1. Mix 1 tsp. of sea salt with 1 C. of distilled water.
  2. Use a spray bottle, tablespoon, dropper, or bulb syringe and inhale through one nostril.  Let the mixture come out through your other nostril or spit out the fluid through your mouth.  Start with 1 tsp. of the mixture and work up to ¼ – ½ C at a time.  Repeat with the other nostril.  Keep your head straight so the mixture does not run down your throat.
  3. Do this morning and evening.

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